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Porcelain luxury servewares collection


“A part or element of plant, such as a bud,

That grows and stand out from it

To become the main aspect of it.”


“Propagule” is a collection of handmade porcelain ‘serve wares’.


This collection focuses on the relationship between decorative and functional aspects of containers within our domestic lives. Accentuating the tactile aspect of the objects allows each object of the collection unique characteristics emphasized by hand making.


 Celebrating l’Art de vivre, the art of living, this set of wares is designed to punctuate the table landscape, to create new aspects and enjoyment of entertaining.


As a series of containers in different scales, these curious vessels aim to pleasurably surprise users, addressing materiality through a delicate physical aesthetic.


The texture evokes ‘propagules’, ornamental elements punctuating the surface of the object, reminiscent of a living organism evolving and growing onto it. From low key texture to high key dramatic interventions, the pieces show a palette of textures throughout the objects offering differing clients a way to engage with the collection.

Previous works

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