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Handmade White Porcelain Vessel ‘Asclépiade’ – 450ml (15.8 fl oz)


A perfect flat white sized satisfyingly tactile beaker to make coffee time special.

This handmade porcelain cup has been designed to be large enough to contain a regular size drink, yet small and light enough to be held snug in one hand, with a fine rim to enjoy the absolute beverage break moment. This beaker is the perfect alternative coffee, tea cup for comforting time at home.

Taking inspiration from the growing and blooming of the asclépiade plant, the textures elements at the top of the beaker provides an ergonomic grip as well as a thermal isolation.


Materials & production: slipcasting, white Limoges Porcelain firing 1280°C: Outside hand polished 'biscuit de porcelaine', transparent glossy glaze inside. Finished with a decals signature on the foot.


Suitable for hot and cold drinks, inside glaze tested food friendly.

Not suitable for microwave and dishwashers. Handwash only.


Dimensions: h10cm, diameter 8.5cm, 450ml (15,8 fl oz)

Net object weight: 129g gross weight (once packaged): approx 500g

Also available in black 


Handmade White Porcelain Vessel ‘Asclépiade’ – 450ml (15.8 fl oz)

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