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Hermine Doublon is a ceramic designer and maker, born and raised in Limoges, France, where she developed a strong relation towards ceramics craftsmanship. Highly trained in modelling and mould making, her body of work is centred on porcelain qualities. Acquiring a 3D experimental based design process during her education, has lead to an intense exploration of surfaces and textures in regard of tactile properties objects can procure to users which she is feeding her practice with.


Hermine’s practice is challenging the boundary between functional and decorative ceramics. Hence, her work revolves around the ambiguity of our domestic ceramics wares that she revisits with her inspired textures. Her pieces aim to stimulate the curiosity of the audience as well as a revival of their tactile sense, that would lead them to experience a different prehension of containers.


Taking inspiration from living organisms growing processes such as plants and plants parasites, she translates this life evolvement onto her pieces. From small interventions to all over covering, her objects are a result of the texture elements development onto the surface. The surface's transformations by the texture elements on the containers give both sensitive engagement and ambiguity to the pieces that are quietly challenging the delicate, the smooth, the disturbing and the appealing.

hermine doubon, making process, ceramics, porcelain, slip castin, mould, maker


2016-2018 - Graduated - Masters Design Ceramics - UAL Central Saint Martins - London


2014-2016 - Graduated - BTS (BA) CAIC - ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres - Paris


2014-2011 - Obtained Applied Arts A-level with highest honours - Lycée Raymond Loewy - La Souterraine 


OCT 2018 - FRANZ Rising Star Project Scholarship

NOV 2018 - Finalist of the SBID Designed for Business Student Competition 2018


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